Tuesday, July 10, 2012

In Time...

I probably shouldn’t blog on days that I’m sad. It has a potential for disaster. But I’ll put it out there anyway.

Here’s what happened today. Someone I cared about passed away, I received a rejection, and I added over 1000 words to my humorous YA WIP. The words I added weren’t necessarily funny, but in time, I can punch them up.

In time…

Getting a rejection on a day I learn of a friend’s death has me questioning my own writing and mortality.

In time…

Is there enough time? Publishing is a slow business. I’m a slow writer. And anything I write needs time to sizzle before seeing print.  

I’m starting to think seriously about indie pubbing.

Yes, I know I’ll have to pay an editor.

Yes, I know I’ll have to hire a graphic artist.

Yes, I know it’s a full time business that requires a lot of time. Oh, there’s that word again…time.

The majority of my followers here are pro traditional. You’ll try to talk me out of it. That’s okay, I haven’t even talked myself into it.

But in time…I’m going to have some major decisions to make.

Hugs to you guys. Life is short. Cherish it.


  1. Hugs back Dotti. Do what seems right for you - but I hand you back your own advice - cherish life and the ones you love. I'm hugging my family a lot today.

  2. Dotti, I understand entirely what you're saying here, and your emotions come through in every word. Loss and being reminded that our time here is limited always brings up questions, and sometimes merely contemplating is enough, other times ... Whatever you choose will be fine and if I can help just ask. Take care, thinking of you.

  3. I am sorry for your sadness. Probably not the best day to make decisions. But as you said, you haven't decided.

    Be kind to yourself.

    But I hear you on rejection. And loss of a friend. It all hurts.

  4. ((hugs)) hon. Take care of you. Honor the memory by cherishing the good times and smiling when you think of them... even though tears will come as well. Not all tears, as a wise wizard once said, are an evil.

    Time has a habit of moving forward. All we can do is embrace what we are given, a skill I think you practice rather well.

  5. So sorry for your loss, Dotti. And for your rejection. A rejection doesn't mean you should self-publish, but there's nothing wrong with self-publishing if that's the route you want to take. Adam Sidwell has an agent and still took that route. Here's some details about his story from my blog: http://samanthaclark.wordpress.com/2012/07/05/adam-sidwell-on-making-evertaster-1-on-amazon/

    Whatever you decide, keep writing.

  6. I had a near-heart-attack at age 48, and the real thing at age 53. It must have affected my ears, because now I hear the clock of time ticking very loudly. When I'm out in public doing book stuff, I always get people who tell me that they want to write a book "someday". I look at the calendar and see Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday... But Someday isn't there. The time to do what you love is right now.

  7. First, condolences on the loss of someone you cared about. "Trust me I'm a writer" too, and I totally understand your dilemma. I have not been published yet, and it's a lonely road. I have been grappling with this issue as well, and have decided to stay the traditional route - for now anyway. I've read so much self-published, well for lack of a better word - I'll just say not up to par. I don't want to be on that train - for now. Life is too be cherished and too short, so balance is key, faith is key, courage is key, my key-chain gets heavier every day, but at the end of my day - I have my stories in my head, and my writing that really defines me. It's where I shine, and I believe that I am a better person, reaching for my highest good when I write abd when I teach about writing. Truthfully, I'm not comfortable in any other skin. You don't know me, but we belong to the same club of sorts, so I wish you well, and healing thoughts for your heavy heart.

  8. Dotti, I am so sorry about your loss and rejections suck the air out of life. maybe its time for lunch?

  9. You guys are great! Yes, Varsha, lunch! You'd think after selling 48 books I'd stop moaning over rejections, but it's been a weird year.

  10. Hi Dottie,

    I'm sorry for your loss...I know how hard it is to say goodbye to someone when you just weren't ready. About the indie thing...each writer has to decide for themselves whether the self publishing route is good for them or not and after the decision is made they are the only ones who have to live with the results...good or bad...so choose what you think is best for YOU and the heck with anyone else when it comes to your own work.

    I am a young spirit in an older body where my family line doesn't live past 60. It would be a lie to say I don't give a passing thought to my own mortality every once in awhile, but I set aside my writing for twenty years because I listened to other people opinions of my writing ability and negative comments because others didn't want me to succeed at this thing I love so much.

    Yes, this industry is slow to accept, slow to publish, slow to change...but I have decided that whether I die tomorrow or 50 years from now, at least I will die doing what I enjoy most. Of course the idea of becoming a published author fuels the fire but it does not define me and I can now say I have wonderful new online friends like YOU with which to enjoy the journey!

    I pray that you find peace for your spirit and a renewal of passion for your wonderful writing...we are here for you...

    Take care,

    Donna L Martin

  11. Sad for you, Dotti. xxx And I don't think contemplating indie publishing is wrong - publishing is changing faster than publishers.
    Hugs, Paeony x

  12. Paeony, I agree. And it's not even about the money anymore. I just want my books read. I have 6 more Ghost Detectors books to write for ABDO, so I have time to consider all this.

  13. Hugs, Dotti. I'm glad we have funny memories with them. And I'm sorry about your rejection -- you're a skilled, hard working writer. I admire you.

  14. Man, if you're discouraged and you've been so successful - then how should a one-book writer like me feel? Doesn't matter, discouragement or not, writing is just my thing. And the publishing world has changed. At least you have a 'platform'. No need to defend your choices.

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