Tuesday, July 10, 2012

In Time...

I probably shouldn’t blog on days that I’m sad. It has a potential for disaster. But I’ll put it out there anyway.

Here’s what happened today. Someone I cared about passed away, I received a rejection, and I added over 1000 words to my humorous YA WIP. The words I added weren’t necessarily funny, but in time, I can punch them up.

In time…

Getting a rejection on a day I learn of a friend’s death has me questioning my own writing and mortality.

In time…

Is there enough time? Publishing is a slow business. I’m a slow writer. And anything I write needs time to sizzle before seeing print.  

I’m starting to think seriously about indie pubbing.

Yes, I know I’ll have to pay an editor.

Yes, I know I’ll have to hire a graphic artist.

Yes, I know it’s a full time business that requires a lot of time. Oh, there’s that word again…time.

The majority of my followers here are pro traditional. You’ll try to talk me out of it. That’s okay, I haven’t even talked myself into it.

But in time…I’m going to have some major decisions to make.

Hugs to you guys. Life is short. Cherish it.