Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dotti: ARC Predator

A couple of weeks ago Vicki Sansum and I attended the American Library Association Midwinter Conference. I had a (successful!) signing, and since it was in Dallas, we drove up.

I love these conferences. They’re sort of like flea markets. I stroll the aisles, browsing and chatting with industry professionals. But first...I grabbed some complimentary totebags and race through the crowds, snatching up *ARCs.

If a book cover looks cool, in the bag it goes. But it only takes a couple of aisles before those totebags start feeling like body bags. And with no wheelies allowed, it’s a struggle. 

Me heaving ARCs

So now there's a need to be selective. “Hmmm,” I say to Vicki as I peruse the cover blurb. “This looks (cute, funny, intense) good.” In the tote it goes.

Luckily, conference organizers are brilliant. For a small fee, you can check your bags at the coat check. That frees you to amass more books.

So I drive home, transporting a trunkful of treasures.

Then the fun begins. I sort.

How did I manage to pick up so many adult titles? I rarely read adult lit.

Did I honestly think I’d read all these midgrades and YAs? Nope. Too busy hoarding to rationalize.

Since they’re all great books (whether they suit my taste or not), some get donated to the SCBWI HoustonConference for giveaways.

Those bags of ARCs have now dwindled to a small stack of TBR. And why bother posting this? To remind myself to behave when I attend TLA in April.  :) 

* Advanced Reader Copies, or as I refer to them, a glimpse into the future.


  1. Sounds like fun! Free books is like being at a buffet. You think you can handle all that food until you get home :-)


  2. with a 'buffet of books', I enjoy reflecting later on why I picked some books over others. What was it about the cover, blurb, author, etc. What are the key words and images that appeal to me?!

    1. Sadly, I hoarded them whether they appealed to me or not. :)

  3. Dotti, such a cute post! If you ever find you have too many books on hand, I'll gladly help you out with them...I created a Reading For Kicks program which takes the place of the RIF program in my area since their funding when away. ;0)

    1. Oh, good idea, Donna. Post an address and I'll try to pick up more freebies at TLA.

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