Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Spotlight on Flashlight

This is not an ad...it's a shout out.

I’ve published with a lot of great houses, each one offering a different experience. But one of those publishers stands out as unique. Flashlight Press – the smallest house I’ve worked with. In 2007 they published Grandpa for Sale, a collaborative work between my good friend, Vicki Sansum and myself. (Writing it together is another blog post for another day.)

Unique? If you’ve ever worked with Flashlight’s founder and editor, Shari Dash Greenspan, you’d understand. Shari saw more in our little PB than Vicki and I ever envisioned – word choices…plotting…illustrations. And it didn’t stop there. Because of her dedication “Grandpa” went on to win three awards, became a nominee of both the Arizona and Indiana State Reading lists, and was named a Borders Original Voices selection.

There were numerous reviews, interviews and articles connected to it. And it was even featured on the Dr. Laura show. That’s more accolades than all of my other books combined. (I wish I had someone like Shari behind those too!)

And “Grandpa” is not alone. All of Flashlight’s books have won numerous honors. Check out I Need MyMonster by Amanda Noll, illustrated by Howard McWilliam. 


There’s barely room on their webpage for all the kudos that fabulous PB has raked in…deservedly so. 

What’s Flashlight’s secret? Quality over quantity. Two to four books a year allows for a lot of nurturing. That’s something Shari and her crew do well.

If you’d like to submit to Flashlight, PLEASE read their guidelines first. And if you get an acceptance, you’ll have a whole lot to shout about.


  1. Shari was a dream to work with. Flashlight Press rocks!

  2. What a great publisher. I just looked at a few of the books and they look fabulous. I'm thinking of submitting to them.

  3. It seems a great publisher. I would soon contact them. Thanks

  4. I love stories of great publishers to work with and their choice to work with great authors and illustrators. Congratulations to you all.

    I'll certainly check out Flashlight from your recommendation and hope that their books are distributed here in Australia.

    I have also been fortunate in having received wonderful input from editors and book-designers/art directors for some of my books, and they have certainly made mine much better books than I would have created on my own. This has been particularly true of the editor and designers at GMC Publications, who are UK based and due to release my latest non-fiction craft book in June.

    All best wishes


  5. Sounds like a 'dream' to work with! :) Thanks so much for the blogvertisement! :)